Mother’s Day at Bibi’s Mexican Cantina

Unlike here in the UK, Mother’s Day in Mexico is celebrated on the same day every year, May 10th. There, it’s a HUGE deal. “It is, without a doubt, the most important day for restaurants, our busiest day of the year, when we sell double, triple what we would on a normal day,” says Manuel Gutierrez, president of the national association of restaurateurs. Gutierrez estimates that for this one day, Mexico puts a whopping 200,000 extra waiters to work.

“The mother is an institution in Mexico … And as the mother traditionally is the one working for us, cleaning for us, cooking for us, we believe that at least one day a year, we ought to take her out and let someone else do the cooking,”

A decent Mother’s Day lunch in Mexico can easily clock in at five hours where Mum might even knock back a shot or two of tequila — for her heart of course!


While at Bibi’s we’re not expecting you to bring in your mum and ply her with tequila (no judgement of course if that is the case!) a little frozen margarita, fruity sangria or chilled Chilean sauvignon blanc will surely not go amiss as we celebrate our mothers on Sunday 26th March.

Of course if YOU are the mum in question hoping to enjoy a wonderful (ok, probably noisy and a bit stressful if you have youngsters) Mother’s Day lunch, this is your free ticket to drink in the middle of the day and let your other half worry about the kids – it’s your ONE day so MAKE THE ABSOLUTE MOST OF IT!


Our set Mother’s Day menu is now available to view and at just 14.95 for 3 courses it’s fantastic value. And if that wasn’t enough, don’t forget that kids also eat free* every Sunday so no need to feel guilty about ordering that one last margarita …


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