Intimate Wedding venue at Bibi’s in Glasgow’s West End – 20 questions answered

Intimate Wedding venue at Bibi’s in Glasgow’s West End – 20 questions answered

The perfect private venue

So you’re getting married. That’s a pretty big deal. At Bibi’s we totally get that. Choosing where to celebrate is probably the biggest deal of all. If your preference is for a laid back, relaxed affair where the emphasis is on great food and wonderful hospitality, then a restaurant wedding could be for you. Wondering if Bibi’s could be that restaurant? Here’s 20 questions answered to help you decide …

20 questions answered

1.  HOW MANY GUESTS CAN BIBI’S ACCOMODATE?  We have space for a very comfortable 36 covers. If there’s several children in the wedding party though we can squeeze in a few extra!

2. WHAT IF OUR WEDDING PARTY IS REALLY SMALL? WILL WE STILL HAVE EXCLUSIVE USE?  Normally our minimum requirement is 28 covers. If however your wedding celebration is midweek we can be totally flexible on this.


4. WHAT WILL THE TABLE LAYOUT BE?  Exclusive use of an intimate venue is a wonderful thing. By its very nature though it is bijou and we therefore don’t have a huge amount of flexibility on the table layouts. For 36 covers your party would be over 4 tables – 6 covers, 2 x 8 covers and 14 covers.

5. HOW LONG CAN WE HAVE EXCLUSIVE USE FOR?  Normally 5-6 hours. Most wedding parties book the space from 2pm – 7.30pm. Again however this can be entirely flexible depending on the day of the week.

6. DO WE NEED TO BOOK A WEDDING ‘PACKAGE’?  We have put together a fixed price food and drinks menus to give you an idea of what we can do. It’s not set in stone though. At the end of the day we’d much rather work closely with you to create your unique experience.

7. CAN YOU ACCOMMODATE CHILDREN? AND DO YOU CHARGE FULL PRICE FOR THEM?  We are full on family friendly at Bibi’s and no, we most certainly do not charge full price for children! Our kids menu is fun, fresh and reasonably priced. We also have games and colouring books to keep your little ones entertained.

8. WHAT IF SOME OF OUR GUESTS DON’T LIKE MEXICAN FOOD?  When you choose your wedding menu there are several choices for each course. This allows you to make some exciting choices while making some more traditional options available to those less adventurous in your wedding party.

9. THERE’S A PARTICULAR DISH/DRINK WE WOULD REALLY LOVE TO FEATURE ON OUR WEDDING DAY BUT YOU DON’T HAVE IT … WHAT CAN YOU DO?  We’ll get it for you of course! This is your day and we want you to have it your way – (just about) anything goes!

10. CAN WE BRING OUR OWN DRINKS?  Unfortunately not. We’re a small independent restaurant and we rely on our drinks sales to stay profitable. With no hire fee and very reasonably priced menus though this hopefully won’t be an issue for you!

11. CAN WE STAY ON AT BIBI’S AND PARTY THE NIGHT AWAY?  Whilst we would love nothing better we unfortunately don’t have the space for a dance floor in Bibi’s. All of our weddings to date have enjoyed an intimate wedding lunch at Bibi’s then moved on to meet their evening wedding guests at a party venue.

12. IS IT A BIT WEIRD HAVING A WEDDING AT A MEXICAN RESTAURANT IF WE DON’T HAVE A MEXICAN THEME?  Not at all! (Although we would say that!) Our warm inviting decor with a multitude of candles, twinkling lights and plush upholstery make us a festive and welcoming choice for your guests. Of course if you want to go full on Mexicana we can do that too!


14. CAN WE BRING OUR CAKE?  Of course!

15. CAN WE DECORATE? Absolutely. We have some lovely ‘Just Married’ banners but we would love for you to put your stamp on the place. Flowers, place cards and balloons are all welcome – just no confetti please.

16. WHAT ABOUT MUSIC? Music can be a hugely important part of your big day. At Bibi’s we’re equipped with a SONOS system. Just make your playlist, hook up to our system and you’re good to go!

17. IS PARKING AN ISSUE? Whilst we don’t have a designated car park there is usually plenty on street parking.

18. ARE THERE ANY HIDDEN CHARGES? Nope. We do apply a 10% service charge on the total bill though. As ever this is discretionary. With some of the very best staff out there though, we’re confident you’ll be delighted with the service.

19. DO WE NEED TO PAY A DEPOSIT TO SECURE OUR BOOKING? Yes, we ask that the entire food bill be paid in advance.

20. WHO WILL BE OUR CONTACT AT BIBI’S IF WE BOOK? As we’ve established, your wedding is a HUGE deal. That’s why if you book your wedding lunch at Bibi’s your booking from start to finish will be managed by Debbie or Emma, the owners.

Phew, so that’s 20 questions answered! It’s by no means exhaustive though so if you’ve got a few more please Contact us to ensure you’re one step closer to having the perfect day!

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